Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forgive And Forget

You know, fat is like the opponent of the trust. Fat is easy to gain but hard to lose. But it will be a different story when we talk about trust. TRUST IS HARD TO GAIN AND EASY TO LOSE. You guys should note that line on your minds. Why? Because it feels painful when people that you really really really trust break their promises, it feels confusing thinking about why they even lie to you, and the most hard thing to do is to re-build the trust again. is freakin hard. Once you break a trust, it will never remain the same :')

I hurt once, by the man i love the most. He was trying to cheated on me. Yeah, it did hurt me as hell. He broke his promises and the commitment that we've made about our relationship. I was raged yet felt like someone cutted me off. And deep. *lebay banget asli lu dil* *tapi beneran sedih bgt......* Ever since, it is hard for me to giving my trust on him, sadly to anyone else too. It affected me a lot. Like i've been acting naked in the rain.

Later, i found something that heals my wound. *tsaaaah* something called "Forgiveness". Forgiveness means "putting something behind you, to regain what was lost". Yeah, i lost my trust on him. But, God is the most forgiving one didn't he? as my God told me, there i am, trying to forgive him. I also trying to forget all the scars. All of em. So, what's my goal now? To forgive and forget!

*sorry for bad grammar, peace yo*

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